User Manual Inverter Gefran ADL300

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Gefran ADL300 EPC v2 English User Guide

Gefran ADL300 Lift Field oriented vector inverter for synchronous/asynchronous motors

User Manual Gefran ADL300


Gefran ADL300 AC Lift Drive Series for Gearless and Geared Elevator systems
The ADL300 Series, suitable for new installations and modernization, encompasses safety, comfort, and cost advantages besides a long life reliability, being the ideal drive for modern high demanding elevator systems.


  • Safety certification for single output contactor operation, in accordance with UNI EN 81-1:1998 + A3:2009, article 9.11.3.
  • Safety certification for CONTACTORLESS operation, in accordance with EN81-1:1998 + A3 and Safety Torque Off (STO) according to EN61800-5-2-2007 SIL3.
  • All the ADL300 models are available with Safety Integrated.


  • Compact dimensions and reduced noise for MRL installations.
  • Precise levelling for a safe passengers ingress/egress.
  • Smooth landing with Direct or Creep to floor approach.
  • Pre-torque function for a smooth start.

Cost Efficient

  • Asynchronous motors (open and closed loop) control
  • Synchronous motors (Absolute and Incremental encoders) control.
  • Available with built-in I/O and encoder card for Plug & Play installations.
  • Multiple encoders management for warehouse optimization.
  • Optimized design and high quality technology for a longer life cycle.
  • Regenerative configuration with AFE200 Module.
  • Description

    Power Data

    Power Supply:

    • Version ADL300-4: 3ph 230 – 400 – 480Vac (-15% / +10%) @ 50/60Hz (±5%).
    • Version ADL300-2T: 3ph 200 – 230Vac (±10%) @ 50/60Hz (±2%)
    • Version ADL300-2M: 200Vac (-10%) ….230Vac (+15%) @ 50/60Hz (±2%)

    Motor Ratings:

    • Version ADL300-4: 4kW (5Hp) …. 75kW (100Hp).
    • Version ADL300-2T: 4kW (5Hp) …. 37kW (40Hp).
    • Version ADL300-2M: 1.1kW (1Hp) …. 5.5kW (7.5Hp).

    EMC & Mark Compliances:

    • Integrated EMI Filter for EN 12015; EN 61800-3 2nd environment, category C2 and C3
    • CE Mark
    • UL and cUL Elevator Accessory E365347 certified also evaluated in accordance with ASME A17.5 and CSA B44.1.
    • Compliant to UNI EN 81-1:1998 + A3:2009, EN81-20, EN81-50
    • Safety Torque Off (STO) EN61800-5-2:2007 SIL3 Certified

    Main Features

    • Control in Speed
    • Control in Position
    • Direct Approach
    • Relevelling
    • Short Floor Management
    • Emergency single-phase power supply for floor return
    • DCP3 and DCP4 Protocol
    • CANopen CiA™ 301 Protocol
    • CANopen Lift CiA™ 417 Protocol
    • Integrated Breaking Unit
    • External +24Vdc power supply for low stand-by consumption
    • Peripheral Encoder Management

    Product Set-Up
    The configuration set-up can be done by the following:

    • 7 segments digit Keypad (integrated)
    • Optional alphanumeric keypad (KB-ADL)
    • PC with Graphical User Interface GF-eXpress

    Easy and safe start-up
    Thanks to the Wizard and the different access profiles (easy and expert) the configuration of the drive is fast and intuitive. The still autotuning is quickly performed, avoiding operators to decouple the car from the ropes, assuring a safe working environment and a faster commissioning.

    Available Configurations
    3 different configurations to answer all the requirements:


    • 8 programmable digital inputs (NPN/PNP) + 1 Enable input
    • 4 single-contact programmable relay outputs
    • 5 Vdc TTL incremental digital encoder
    • Absolute SinCos encoder


    • 8 programmable digital inputs (NPN/PNP) + 1 Enable input
    • 4 single-contact programmable relay outputs
    • Absolute Endat 2.1/2.2 and SSI


    • Extended Pluggable optional I/O cards
    • Extended Pluggable Optional Encoder cards
    • 24Vdc HTL incremental digital encoder


    • KB-ADL multilingual programming keypad with memory (up to 5 configurations)
    • Dedicated external EMC filters (for version without integrated EMC Filter).
    • External braking resistors
    • AC and DC input chokes


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