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Thank you for using SINUS VEGA series inverter made by SANTERNO

SINUS VEGA series satisfies high performance requirements by using a unique control
method to achieve high torque, high accuracy and wide speed-adjusting range. Its anti-tripping
function and capabilities of adapting severe power network, temperature, humidity, and dusty
environment exceeds those of similar products made by other companies, which improves the
products reliability noticeably.
SINUS VEGAconsiders customers’ needs and combines general purpose function and
industrial-oriented function. It features PI control, simple PLC, flexible I/O terminals and pulse
frequency setting. You can select whether to save the parameters upon power off or stop, bind
frequency setting channel with command channel, zero frequency return difference zero
frequency hysteresis, main and auxiliary frequency setting, traverse operation, length control, etc.
It is an integral, cost-effective and highly reliable solution for manufacture in the related fields.
SINUS VEGA series can satisfy the customers’ requirements on low noise and EMI by
using optimized PWM technology and EMC design.
This manual provides information on installation, wiring, parameters setting, trouble-
shooting, and routine maintenance. In order to ensure the correct installation and operation of the
inverter, please read this manual carefully before using and keep it in a safe place.V1.0

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sinus vega last version
sinus vega last version

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